Hustler 6btv on 6 meters

There is a ground screen under this vertical. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? However, I can't get anything under 2. VSWR or better at band edges on meters. OK, I tried adding 60 meters to an 80 meter inverted vee. When desired tuning cannot be achieved by the adjustments in the Hustler manual, re-tuning the vertical for in-band resonance is best done by adjusting the traps.

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6 BAND BASE ANTENNA FOR 10,15,20,30,40,75,80 METER

Start at the lowest frequency of the SWR curve and record measurements upward at frequencies through the entire SWR curve. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. These insulators are made from fiberglass filled epoxy. Die Verpackung sollte der im Einzelhandel entsprechen. Be the first to review this product! There is a ground screen under this vertical. Secondly, the aluminum tubing is triple and double walled from the top of the tower on up and eventually single wall near the top.

Hustler sechs Band Vertikale HF Antenne m 24' 1kw für Amateurfunk 6btv 6-btv | eBay

So, I decided to make the stinger mechanically and electrically connected to my freebie tower. Assemble one of the 20 in. Solid one inch fiberglass trap forms for optimum electrical and mechanical stability. Follow the details of this procedure to make large frequency adjustments to the Hustler HF antenna. It's fed with about 60' of coax.
Secondsly, in the event that a hurricane may be on it's way, it would be foolish to expect a neighbor to help you with your antenna when he is primarily concerned about boarding up his house and getting out of Dodge City. An MFJ is real handy for the adjustment. These verticals are designed to be mounted on a vertical support up to 1. My nephew wants to add all of this and 6 and 11 meters for good measure as he is a Truck Driver. I have also noticed that none of the guys selling wire antenna have an option for 60 meters on any of their models Alpha Delta, etc. Antenna was quite easy to assemble and erect.
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